The current immunization information for Roots Academy and Marion County are available as a PDF Download (CLICK HERE).

Tuition is $8500 per student. Students are also required to purchase a new iPad (32 GB).

We will not be offering a music program, but we encourage any students interested in music to participate in the music program at their feeder school or get private lessons.

Students are not chosen by lottery. Students are chosen based on their application, teacher recommendation, and interview.

The hours are from 8:15-2:30. The mornings will be direct teaching of the core subjects. The students will take what they have learned in the mornings and apply it to real life situations, projects, field trips, electives and thematic units in the afternoons.

All students are only required to take standardized tests at the end of their 8th grade year, however, all Roots Academy students will take standardized tests at the end of each year to gain practice, confidence, and knowledge of strengths and weaknesses in each academic area.

Roots Academy’s focus is to teach students how to be good students. They will learn study skills that will help them learn in the classroom and how to apply what they have learned in the real world. The learning habits developed at Roots Academy will help them prepare for high school, college and beyond.

All students are required to have a 32gb iPad. It is not purchased through the school. Each family is responsible for purchasing their own iPad.

The maximum number of students will be 50. There is not a certain allotment for each grade, however, the goal is to keep the grades fairly evenly distributed.

No, it is not affiliated with a religion.