Roots Academy Private School

Roots Academy is a small private school located in Salem, Oregon. Since its establishment in the fall of 2012, the school has focused on the individual student. Small class sizes allow the curriculum to be rigorous but tailored to the different age levels in the school. With a growth mindset, readily accessible teachers focus on each child’s unique educational, social, and emotional needs.

Hands-on educational experiences allow students to gain a deeper knowledge of subjects. Past experiences include releasing and analyzing a weather balloon, visiting Washington D.C. and the Salem state capital to learn about government, working at an animal rescue, performing in a Shakespeare play and watching plays at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival, hiking to see Native American petroglyphs, visiting a hospital to learn about body systems, and recording a live radio show.

When a child completes the Roots Academy program,  he or she will have gained the skills necessary to be successful in high school and life. This includes study skills, working as a team, advocating for oneself, writing across the curriculum, organizational skills, first aid, and CPR, even cooking. Students leave Roots as independent learners with character and integrity ready to take on the next challenge.