Parent Testimonials

Below are just some of the parent testimonials from current and past students. We can’t say enough about how much we appreciate all the support we get from our alumni families. Make sure to check out what is happening on our Facebook page.

Roots has been a godsend for our son. Their number one priority is the social and emotional health of the student. There are so many enriching activities; just this year they have had a beach trip, visits to an animal sanctuary to volunteer, cooking, a play they put on themselves, and a visit to Seattle to see a traveling exhibit! The teachers are truly expert and the class size is small enough that no one is left out. The curriculum is rigorous yet tailored to the different grades/ages and interests. The teachers truly care about my son and everyone in the Roots community. My son wakes up every morning and wants to go to school.
Having my granddaughter attend Roots Academy for three years was a highlight of her life. They study about certain subjects then go and do a hands on to enhance their knowledge. This included a trip to our nation’s capital, building a town to experience entrapreneurship and a trek to visit Native American petroglyphs and so much more. The teachers are remarkable. Thank you Roots!
Langley Jones
My son had a fabulous experience at Roots Academy. It provided him an excellent environment to grow academically and readied him for high school. Middle school can be tough for some and Roots knows how to do it right!
Ann Little
Can’t imagine a better fit for my daughter! The teaching and learning that happens at Roots are fantastic! It’s everything I wish I could do in my own classroom–alas, the limitations of public schools! I wish I could be a student at Roots!
Carrie Ray Litchfield
Roots Academy has been an absolutely delightful experience. Roots provides a way of learning that allows the students to fully comprehend each and every subject. I will forever cherish the time I have spent there and I look forward to the days to come.
Olivia Davis
I have definitely noticed a big change in my son since he started attending Roots Academy. His vocabulary has expanded! He uses big words that I have to look up the meanings in word reference online. I recently overheard him talking to his sister about the Odyssey. His sister responded, “I started learning about the Odyssey in the 9th grade, wow, you’re studying it in 6th grade already!” The small class size at Roots Academy is exactly what my son needs to grow as a student.
I also like the fact the teachers are readily accessible in person, via text messages or emails!
The team are Roots Academy do their due diligence to accommodate the families with tuition payment plans.

I’ll recommend Roots Academy to any of my family or friends!