curric-mathMathematics will be taught the “old school” way. The students will be taught directly then given multiple opportunities to practice what they have learned. The books we will use are called Oregon Focus.  There are nine books, they cover all of the National Standards for grades 6-8 as well as some of Algebra 1 curriculum. The Oregon Focus curriculum is ideal because it demonstrates how to do a problem, offers multiple opportunities for practice, and gives real world situations to apply what has been learned.


The writing lessons are based on the books Lessons That Change Writers and Naming the World: A Year of Poems and Lessons by Nancy Atwell and the Common Core Standards. The students write every day keeping a daily journal, practicing specific writing skills, and completing samples of writing in each of the different writing modes. Grammar and convention lessons are also a large part of the writing curriculum. The students are held to a high writing standard. An emphasis is placed on making writing productive, purposeful, and conventional while allowing students to write about powerful moments in their lives. Weekly conferences with students about their writing allow personalized lessons based on individual strengths and weaknesses.


We read, read, and read some more! Great literature drives our curriculum. Every month students are asked to read at least one book from a given genre and book list. Students will be given 3-4 books to choose from at a time and will be asked to analyze that book at the end of the month. In class students will read and be guided through a number of classics including The Odyssey and works by William Shakespeare. In addition to the literature books, students will have lessons on reading strategies and using textual evidence to analyze short narrative and informational texts based off the book 25 Complex Text Passages to Meet the Common Core by Scholastic and the language arts magazine Scholastic Scope Magazine.


curric-ipadTechnology is our present and future and is an integral part of our curriculum at Roots Academy.  All students are required to have an iPad.  The iPad is used in all subjects for research, video production, books, collaboration with peers, writing and computer skills. With all of the educational Apps available, the computer helps engage the students while strengthening their computer skills.

Science and Social Studies

curric-outdoorsThe National Standards determine the topics of our Science and Social Studies units.  Science and Social Studies are taught in a practical hands-on way through projects, experiments, field trips, iPad research and thematic units.  Experts and professionals from the community will also be brought in to bring the content to life and make it more meaningful to the students.


Electives will be integrated into the Thematic Units.  They will include cooking, sewing, wood shop, art, computers, foreign language, gardening, video production and yearbook.  Spanish will be required of all students and will be done on a regular basis.  Students will be exposed to each of these elective but at times will be given the opportunity to choose to take some of the electives further.